Michał Karzyński

About me

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I’m a polyglot programmer focused on dynamic languages (JavaScript, Python, Ruby and PHP). I specialize in building client-server systems based on the HTTP protocol (websites, web applications, inter-application APIs).

I have experience as a:

  • programmer,
  • software architect,
  • project manager,
  • UX designer,
  • scientific researcher,
  • and technical writer.

I have been actively following the evolution of web technologies since I started designing websites in 1996. I have been programming professionally for over 10 years now and my skills include coding in multiple languages (JavaScript, Python, PHP and Perl) and frameworks (Django, Zend, CodeIgniter, ExtJS, AngularJS). I had the opportunity to work in the area of Bioinformatics on projects utilizing artificial intelligence and sequence analysis techniques. I currently work as a software project manager and lead developer.

Some of my recent projects

Project Tech URL Demo
BioDoktorat Django, AngularJS http://biodoktorat.pl
GNETS Django, jQueryUI https://gnets.gumed.edu.pl YouTube
Django Xmin Django, ExtJS Github YouTube
JTI Portal Django, ExtJS http://jtiportal.pl
NeoRetros Django http://neoretros.com
Michał Trowski Drupal http://trowski.pl