Michał Karzyński


Hey, here’s an interesting statistic for you: 99% of British bank notes in circulation contain traces of cocaine…
Well, I wish Poland was that rich!

So the question continues to be: when will civilized countries legalize the use of drugs (esp. soft drugs, i.e. Marijuana)?
I guess the answer has to be: they will legalize them when they themselves really do become civilized. I’m living in England now, and here they can’t even cope with the alcohol problem. Or maybe they are coping but via strange and artificial means: pubs have to close at 11pm. for instance.

Drugs are one of the things that society has to be mature enought to use. That goes for all drugs: everything from cannabis, nicotine, alcohol to prozac and cocaine.
The perfect example is alcohol. A society has to develop a set of rules, a culture of drinking. Look at France, where almost everybody drinks wine, and almost noone gets drunk. Then look at Britain, where young people meet early to have the first drink and then drink until they’re having trouble walking home.

The problem with alcohol and nicotine is that they are highly addictive. You can get hooked on cigarettes before you even realize it… People who drink (even if they are not addicted) are usually very impulsive. Men act according to their primary hormone testosterone, which tells them to ‘fuck it or kill it’…

On the other hand you have the soft drugs. To me that group includes only cannabis and it’s derivatives. They are soft because it’s practically impossible to develop a phisical addiction on them and it’s phisically impossible to overdose. They are also soft, because they make you feel good and peaceful. Have you ever heard of a group after a blunt attacking people….

Gotta go, to B continued…