Michał Karzyński

Browsers 2009: We have a winner!

I downloaded the newest Beta versions of three popular OS X browsers: Opera, Safari and Firefox. To see which one has the best performance, I ran some benchmarks. Here are the results. They pretty much single one browser out as the best.


If you would like to know just how inflected the Polish language is take a look at the following word.


This single verb contains a whole sentence full of information…

5 years

On the morning of the eleventh day of September 2001 a plane crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. No one understood how it could happen; what a strange accident. Fifteen stunned minutes later another plane hit the second tower, and it became horrifyingly obvious that it wasn’t an accident at all, but a deliberate attack.

Five years has already passed since one of the defining moments of our century: the terrorist attacks which we have become accustomed to calling 9/11. It’s hard to believe it happened so long ago; perhaps this is a good time to reflect on what happened and how the world has changed in those few years.


They call music “the soundtrack of your life”, and that is a very true statement. The music you choose surrounds you as often as you wish, filling the canvas of your auditory soundscape. Of course, it is not the only soundtrack of your life, just like music is not the only sound that you hear. Sometimes however it can have a deep and profound effect on your surroundings. When you drive, when you work, when you’re falling asleep or just after you wake up, the most pervasive thing which you hear, can be the music you selected. This music then fills the day’s silences by playing quietly at the back of your mind. Sometimes a really annoying song or jingle will embed itself so strongly in your mind, that you cannot stop thinking about it. If you choose carefully, however, your silences will be filled by the treasured notes of your favorite music.

In a similar way to a soundtrack, there is also a videotrack, which consists of everything that you see during your everyday. These sights can also be influenced by yourself in important ways… The decorations of your apartment, the paintings you hang on the walls, the people you choose to meet, the places you decide to visit, the films you watch all determine the optical content of your life. You may not be able to change the way the city you live in looks, but you can choose to take the longer route to anywhere in order to see its nicer parts… These images will then populate your dreams, memories and imaginations. It might be worth collecting the most beautiful ones.

Each of your senses has a separate “track”, or assemblage of experiences which all sum into the adventure, which you call your life.