Michał Karzyński

Banned weapons: where are they?

It is one of the unanswered questions of the war: where are the weapons of mass destruction which both the United States and Britain said that Iraq possessed?

The job of tracking down banned weapons is daunting
Because they have not been found does not mean they do not exist. They could have been hidden or destroyed.

Judgment therefore has to be withheld.

The US military commander, General Tommy Franks, says that it could take a year to complete a search.

The above comes from a BBC News article.

The point here is obvious, but let me make it:
If the American generals themselves admit, that a search for WMD in Iraq will have to take at least a year, then whatever was the point of allowing the UN’s weapons inspectors 3 months for searches???

I just cannot get over the hypocrisy of the Bush administration!!!

Now, you’ll surely understand why I will be very, very skeptical about any findings they have. If the Bushies find WMD without the participation of Hans Blix, UNMOVIC or the United Nations, I will have a very hard time believing that the evidence they present is not fabricated!!!

Once you start lying, you have to work extremely hard to regain trust. And the Americans are doing nothing to appease the UN and convince us of their good intentions.

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