Michał Karzyński

Poland vs. Iraq

“Poland occupies Iraq, because it won the war against it. Everybody knows that Iraq had been Poland’s primary enemy for centuries. Iraq had coveted Poland’s freedom, its enormous wealth, and its fair-haired women, whose beauty is famous throughout the world. Iraq’s biggest dream—as every child knows—was to destroy our 1,000-year-old culture and civilization, to conquer our fertile lands and elegant cars, and to sterilize the every Polish male so they could be eunuchs in Baghdad harems.”

The quotes come from one of the best articles I read recently.
It was written by Andrzej Stasiuk and published in Allgemeine Zeitung, Forum and the World Press Review.
You can find it here and you should read it if you want a good laugh.

“I wanted to get into a better mood, so I switched on the radio. A government minister said that ‘our presence in Iraq is very important, since we have an extensive experience in transformation’.”

Yes, we Poles know all about transformation. If we were to decide the way forward for Iraq, it would first sell everyting it could and then join the European Union :)