Michał Karzyński

Back in blog

Since you’re reading this, I must have written it. That means that after quite a long time I decided to write in my blog again… Does that mean I’m back? And back from where you might ask. Well, whether I’m back or not, let me explain where I was.

I disappear sometimes. It is a need stronger then me and resisting it is a futile misunderstanding. When I disappear I do not go anywhere. I am still here and you can see me, talk to me… I listen and appreciate your words, but I don’t talk. I am in another world – locked deep inside myself.

The reasons for my disappearances are various – from the most prosaic, like an interesting problem at work, to the more profound.

Only my best friends have gotten accustomed to this strange behavior, which can last from a few days to a few months. Others, some of whom are equally important to me take my silence as a personal insult. They seem to believe I am just not talking to Them. This builds walls of mistrust between them and me and can be very damaging…

I understand your mistrust, but I hope you will understand me.