Michał Karzyński

the new dichotomy

I love the 21st century. All you need to know is someone’s name and you can find them just like that… no more loosing touch, no more lost friends, no more loneliness. And yet, paradoxically people seem more lonely now then ever before. Real bonds between neighbors, peers, people on the bus seem gone. Maybe that’s the way of the future – to have many friends from all over the world, but none from next door. There is a certain sadness to this reflection… bits and bytes of a person can’t replace their sight, sound, smell, touch. The future seems sensorily deprived and the future is now.

All this said, I still love the 21st Century, I must be the 21st Century Schizoid Man (“Nothing he’s got he really needs”). It is the century for men like me, virtual men, whose only strength is their brain, who can do everything at all, as long as it can be done with a computer. Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but not too much.

In this century the new human will be born. The evolutionary paradigm – ‘survival of the fittest’ has changed. It is now the survival of the most digitally able, the most net-empowered, the most global… survival of those who can harness the power of the digital revolution, filter information from dis-information and use it.

On the other hand it is the age of the lost, the ones who have been immersed in the overflowing melting pot of the world and who have drowned their souls in ever-fleeting whimsy of the consumer market. If things proceed like this we will have two societies in the world and the new dichotomy will be an informational one.