Michał Karzyński

Top 20 EuroPython 2019 talks

The biggest Python conference in Europe was held last week in Basel, Switzerland. The EuroPython conference is a great place to meet Pythonistas and learn new things. Check out my list of 20 best talks from the conference. You can watch all of them on YouTube.

With over 120 talks and 6 parallel tracks, its not possible to see all the best talks. The conference app allows attendees to rate each talk and I compiled these ratings to make a list of the 20 talks which were best received at the conference.

Talk Speaker Watch
1. Become a command line wizard Sven-Hendrik Haase YouTube
2. Machine learning on non curated data Gael Varoquaux YouTube
3. Don’t do this at work Tiago Montes YouTube
4. Optimizing Docker builds for Python applications Dmitry Figol YouTube
5. Exceptional Exceptions Mario Corchero YouTube
6. Practical decorators Reuven Lerner YouTube
7. import bacon 🥓 Ivana Kellyerova YouTube
8. Publish a (Perfect) Python Package on PyPI Mark Smith YouTube
9. Software patterns for productive teams Radoslav Georgiev YouTube
10. Python 1994 Paul Everitt YouTube
11. Wait, IPython can do that?! Sebastian Witowski YouTube
12. Auditing hooks and security transparency for CPython Christian Heimes, Steve Dower YouTube
13. From Python script to Open Source Project Michał Karzyński YouTube
14. The soul of the beast Pablo Salgado YouTube
15. Modern Data Science with Vaex: A new approach to DataFrames and pipelines Jovan Veljanoski YouTube
16. Downloading a Billion Files in Python James Saryerwinnie YouTube
17. Advanced asyncio: Solving Real-world Production Problems Lynn Root YouTube
18. A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours Miroslav Šedivý YouTube
19. Build your Python Extensions with Rust! Paul Ganssle YouTube
20. How to ship a Python app to a hundred million desktops Max Bélanger YouTube

It’s impossible to pick the great talks from EuroPython without leaving some cool talks out. The list above includes the top-rated talks, which had at least 15 ratings in the conference app. Unfortunately this means that some great, but less attended talks did not make the list.

Honourable mentions

If you would like to watch more, here are a few other highly-rated talks in no particular order.

Talk Speaker Watch
Zen of Python Dependency Management Justin Mayer YouTube
How Thinking in Python Made Me a Better Software Engineer Johnny Dude YouTube
Python Performance: Past, Present and Future Victor Stinner YouTube
Getting Your Data Joie De Vivre Back! Lynn Cherny YouTube
Why You Should Pursue Public Speaking and How to Get There Yenny Cheung YouTube
Python’s Parallel Programming Possibilities – 4 levels of concurrency Samuel Colvin YouTube
Static typing: beyond the basics of def foo(x: int) –> str: Vita Smid YouTube
AI in Contemporary Art Luba Elliott YouTube
Is it me, or the GIL? Christoph Heer YouTube
How to write a JIT compiler in 30 minutes Antonio Cuni YouTube

Which talk did you like best? Leave a note in the comments below.