Michał Karzyński

Living in the 21st century

Living in the 21st century is fun. This is the century in which it will not be possible to be lonely anymore. There are people all around you. Everywhere you go you have your phone, you have messages; at home you have your mail, you have your e-mail; if you’re even more perverse you have your TV, your radio, your net…

Even if you were standing in the middle of a forest, you could reach your close ones with a few button strokes. But somehow, all this contact does not add up to anything concrete… Being lonely in the 21st century will be a sign of hipocricy, it will require a lot of trying, and yet…

On an evening like this one, the perfect autumn evening, with a sea of mist washing over the fields and forests, under a full, silver face of the moon I walk. If I pressed a few buttons I could talk with my close ones, but they wouldn’t be there. There is no way for me to digitilize this perfect evening. There is no camera, no scanner, no nothing which could translate all the beauty of a simple night-fall.

Considering, that we spend so much time in front of our computers, TVs, etc., and so little time, watching the beauty of the world, I strongly belive we’re missing something important.

I wonder how we’ll procreate, if we won’t even meet to have sex…

Endlesly musing,
Yours Truly